Why is DGG the coordinator of the metaverse and the reconstructor of value transmission

8 min readDec 14, 2021


Recently, a VR startup company Pico disclosed the acquisition of ByteDance to the outside world; a stone caused a thousand waves, the new term “ metaverse “ appeared in the public eye, and many people believe that metaverse may become a future trend? In fact, as early as before, the CEO of Internet giant Tencent Ma Huateng, Facebook’s Zuckerberg, and Microsoft had mentioned Metaverse and similar concepts.

Metaverse: Building an immersive multi-scenario experience, the future can be expected

Perhaps many people wonder, what exactly is Metaverse and why can it attract the attention of international Internet giants? This has to mention the characteristics of the metaverse, such as the “ feeling is real “ artistic immersive experience, or a virtual shopping experience that achieves a sense of reality, or a 3D immersive game experience that is closer to completely real Etc., these are all scenarios that can help us have a real experience without leaving home.

Then concrete images that, even so aggressively before the movie “number of players” to show to the scene the same: people can switch at any time different identities shuttle to the physical and digital world between, so the metaverse was learning, making friends, shopping, Playing or listening to concerts, etc. In short, the metaverse is a virtual world that can help us make virtual actions infinitely close to reality through an immersive experience.

And, in today’s dollars concept of the universe has been recognized worldwide, such as in the March 10, 2021, game platform Roblox, it will be to Yuan universe stocks identity of the success to landing the New York Stock Exchange, the market value listed on the first day they break through the $ 40 billion mark, the future can be expected; for example, in April 12, 2021, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang will be outside announced, NVIDIA layout yuan universe business; another example April 13, the US gaming platform Epic Games will be outside announced It is said that it has obtained 1 billion US dollars in financing, and it is strictly stated that the funds will be mainly used for the development of Meta Universe’s business. Therefore, the future development prospects of Meta Universe can be seen.

The metaverse is a trend, but there are still dead ends that cannot be reached

But Yuan universe, after all, is a new concept, still in its infancy metaverse is not a panacea, although then the rapid development of technology today, so that we can have enough imagination to daydream of all things, but we have to admit that In order to fully realize the concept of metaverse, there is still “a way to go.” At present, the perfection of metaverse concept is still inseparable from the long-term construction and close integration of many technical links.

For example, an integral part of a highly developed global Internet access, or AR, VR’s super hardware level, or 5G and other high-sharp precision of a new generation of information and communication technology and graphics technology, this indispensable factor within a certain time It still needs to be solved through technology and technical perspectives.

In addition to this, there is still a more important indispensable factor in the metaverse, that is, the “guild role” that can be closely integrated with the metaverse ecology and play an important role in empowerment. As we all know, the metaverse begins with games. The most important thing in the game is fairness. A decentralized user community (guild role) that guarantees absolute fairness can help Metaverse build a group ecosystem with a high degree of consensus so that people can recognize a certain Metaverse world.

In response to this pain point, DAOgamer Guild (DGG) broke through the blind spots that the metaverse could not reach, and came into being.

DGG: The enabler who makes up for the pain points of the metaverse

Metaverse has already been explained in the previous article. I believe you will not be unfamiliar. However, what is DGG? Why can it empower Metaverse, help establish a complete guild ecology, and help users under the premise of a high degree of uniformity and absolute fairness? Enjoy life in the metaverse? To answer this doubt, we might as well walk into DGG first to understand its essence and understand its role in the metaverse.

What role does DGG play in the metaverse:

1) The role of the decentralized creator to maintain ecological fairness, DGG realized the decentralized and universal digital asset representation and ownership layer for the first time through NFT. With these features.As support, the scarcity, uniqueness and authenticity of virtual goods in the game can be transparently managed. DGG in the Metaverse economy, a shared standard and a widely recognized agreement have been established to ensure the distribution of virtual goods.

Travel and circulation can promote the vigorous development of the metaverse economy.

2) The role of coordinator to ensure that all participants enjoy equal benefits

DGG uses NFT and crypto solutions to overcome digital scarcity , digital uniqueness, digital property rights, large-scale coordination across various virtual environments, and a strong system focusing on privacy. Based on this premise, DGG promotes The system cannot provide for the minority at the expense of the majority, thus building an ecosystem in which all participants can enjoy absolute equal benefits. In addition, the DGG economic incentive system will reward early users with real ownership, and use these prizes to allow users to manage their favorite projects. Make the value transfer process of the entire digital world unimpeded.

3) The role of the reconstructor of the value transmission mechanism of the metaverse world, In the final analysis, money is a mechanism by which we transmit value. For everyone, in a limited life, time is the most valuable

Something of value. Therefore, any form of money can be considered the distribution of time. And DGG through NFT+Dao,

Realize this concept in the Metaverse world. Over the years, playing in massively multiplayer online games

Gold coins and power leveling ranks have confirmed this concept. In many third world countries, play games and then upgrade the monsters to get

Selling your game currency to others makes more money than doing a job in the real world.

What value can DGG bring in the metaverse:

1) The experience value of DGG guild cooperative games

The Metaverse metaverse game co-operated by DGG Guild is not only in 2D or 3D form, but not even in the form of graphics. It is more about the unstoppable dematerialization of physical space, distance, and objects. The DGG Association will further extend from games to traditional industries such as travel, education and live performance, and will be reshaped with game thinking and a wealth of virtual economy.

2) DGG discovers the value of ecological social marketing

Based on the rich game experience, the DGG Game Guild can become a huge discovery system, taking on the function of the game content discovery layer in the metaverse world. The discovery layer refers to the push and pull of introducing new experiences to people. This is a huge ecosystem that has the most profitable prospects for many companies, including the largest companies in the world. A special form of community exposure is the real-time presentation function, which is different from focusing on the content people like. It cares more about what people are really doing. This is very important in the metaverse, because there is a lot of value through interacting with friends. Shared experience is gained.

3) Develop tools to inspire DGG to help creators prosper economically

The DGG guild’s cooperative games have a more immersive, social and real-time experience in the metaverse, and the number of creators creating these experiences will also explode. This layer includes all the technologies that creators use to create experiences for people to enjoy every day. Through the characteristics of the NFT pass, DGG can empower these development tools and technologies to share/use/exchange and deliver more value, and help creators to prosper economically.

4) Decentralization 25

The ideal structure of the metaverse empowered by DGG is the opposite of the oasis in Player One. Among the latter, it is composed of a single

Group controlled. The distributed computing and microservices in the DGG guild provide developers with a scalable ecosystem that enables them to take advantage of online functions (from business systems to professional AI and various game systems) without the need to focus For building or connecting back-end functions. At the same time, the blockchain technology of the decentralized DGG pass solves the problem of centralized control and management of financial assets.

In addition, the “spatial computing” that mixes real and virtual computing, the “human-computer interaction” that attempts to closely integrate cutting-edge game hardware equipment with Metaverse and DGG, and the “DGG Foundation’s Social Welfare” that helps improve infrastructure construction, etc. It is the great value chain that DGG can endow in the metaverse. With these value chains, whether it is the current or future metaverse world, under the empowerment of DGG, the metaverse world will undoubtedly be a colorful world. And DGG will also rely on the chain game to bring more people a highly immersive gaming experience, and at the same time radiate to more life-like scenes, bringing all-round convenience in life to global metaverse users!




DGG(DAO Gamer)is a play-to-earn gaming guild, bring players together to earn via Blockchain-based economies.