MetaversDGG, A Decentralized DAO Organization, Create the Strongest P2E Economic Ecology

What is “Play-to-Earn”?

The business model of Play to earn has been in traditional games for a long time, and there are a group of players in World of Warcraft, Onmyoji and other games that make money by selling equipment or equipment. In blockchain games, this model has been upgraded. Players can earn real money by playing games with cryptocurrency-based assets (NFTs). By actively participating in these virtual economies, players can earn rewards, such as in-game assets and tokens, which can then be traded or sold on the open market.

This is an important change in the game world, because traditionally, in-game asset transactions are only in the game ecosystem, and it is difficult for players to trade or sell their digital assets outside of the platform.

In developing countries, most people have very limited sources of income, and now they can earn more income through digital devices and the Internet. Filipino players of the blockchain game Axie Infinity can earn $500 a month in the game, which is 2–3 times the local minimum wage.

P2E Inspires A New Industry

The P2E model driven by blockchain technology is opening up digitally native economic opportunities to new population segments. Playing games is no longer just a consumer behavior to kill time. By playing games day after day, players are more like working, giving time and labor, and earning income for the family. Axie Infinity is a good example. The most important thing is that, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, poor groups who need ancillary income often benefit the most. Since part of the mission of cryptocurrency has been financial inclusion and the open source of the digital economy from the beginning, it is vital to bring the people who need it most-P2E 2.0 finally achieved this. Axie’s economic model clarifies the concept of cryptocurrency from provable scarcity to how monetary policy can be applied in the context of playing games and earning.

The P2E business model has also inspired ecological organizations such as game developers, players, and guilds.

Some very powerful guilds have been born in P2E games, and these guilds will occupy a pivotal position in the future game industry. Take DGG in Southeast Asia as an example. DAO Gamer (DGG) is a decentralized game guild autonomous organization (DAO) that participates in and invests in virtual worlds and blockchain games based on non-homogeneous tokens (NFT) in the form of a DAO decentralized organization, and Sharing and value appreciation. DGG’s mission is to create a new business model based on the participation of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to play while earning. By optimizing community assets, allowing the widest range of players to participate in the organization, earning income by playing blockchain games, and realizing NFT games The best combination of virtual assets and player skills, strategies, and the best production relationship between the participants in the game will enhance the “productivity” of the guild in the game and share the value-added profits with the token holders.

DGG, Efficient Dao community Organization

The DGG Association DAO is relatively close to the real-world “company” model. It is essentially a distributed company that provides certain services based on specific tasks, including support for resources, facilities, and talents. The specific service content includes sales, operations, Finance, management, etc., can be used as a reference for the future corporate organizational structure and human working mode. The DGG Guild DAO is composed of tens of thousands of game players. The income of the Guild mainly comes from investing in Play to earn games, as well as in-game NFT assets, scholarships, and advertising sponsorships. Token holders have the right to manage the community and share the profits of the community.

DGG, An Independent Digital Economic Ecology, Whose Commercial Value Carries Infinite Possibilities

DAO Gamer (DGG) conforms to the evolution of the game era, combines the revolutionary breakthroughs and advantages brought by blockchain technology to the world, and perfectly integrates non-homogeneous tokens (NFT) and decentralized finance (DeFi). The advantages of the model and concept have profoundly changed the game industry through the empowerment of the blockchain:

a) Traceability and transparency on the chain, verify the authenticity, and solve the trust problem in the Metaverse game system;

b) Non-physical delivery, forced transformation under the epidemic. For example, game props can be directly and conveniently stored in digital wallets;

c) Improve the liquidity of game props and game asset transactions;

d) Whether for players or game creators, NFT’s on-chain trading platform provides a lower barrier to entry, making it easier for players and creators to discover the value of capital, works, and game productivity.

DGG: Form a bounty army that travels through the Metaverse

The game world is similar to the real world in that all production activities require original funds to participate in it. For example, the purchase of initial assets/props or production tools in the virtual game world. For many people, this is an insurmountable obstacle.

The DGG model of earning while playing overcomes this obstacle, which is why the phenomenon of earning while playing in NFT games is so powerful. DGG targets individuals or corporate players in developing countries. They don’t have much tangible assets to use as collateral for traditional lending, but DGG’s lending model gives them access to capital. We can replace the credit scoring model in traditional lending based on the player’s activity, skill, and loyalty to the guild, such as game time and rewards obtained in the game, so that players are eligible to apply for other forms of non-mortgage loans.

This provides an unprecedented opportunity for cryptocurrency to create wealth. Our vision is to allow millions of players to join Metaverse. We began to invest in profitable NFTs in promising games, with the goal of lending these assets to our guild members as unsecured loans. Participating in NFT games can also greatly improve players’ living standards in the real world.

It is reported that DGG will randomly present generous Christmas gifts to all DAO Gamer Communities players! The lucky ones will mint the DGG NFT badge at the angel round price of 1 NFT badge = 1 BNB, and get airdrop of DGG tokens. The gifts will randomly select 777 addresses from the participating whitelist, so stay tuned!

Game Guild: The only way for Metaverse migration

The DGG Association can become an independent digital economy ecology, mainly due to the following reasons and trends of the times:

1. Blockchain encryption technology is the future social infrastructure

On top of the blockchain and encrypted digital currency technology, a set of financial system that manages itself, an open and open source creator economy, and a virtual identity across different networks (your wallet, assets, social status) have been developed. Etc.), and a new form of ownership based on NFT (non-fungible tokens).

2. The era of Metaverse is coming

Various trends point out the direction of our journey. As a social species, the DGG Association is facing the next milestone: 7 billion people can choose to exist almost completely online and participate in the virtual economy with influence.

3. More online time investment by humans

Will create more digital value and consumption. In order to make the virtual environment more worthwhile for individuals to invest time and energy, it is urgent to build the public’s confidence in its durability and economic stability. And DGG is acting and realizing these functions.

4. Decentralized network provides unique and unparalleled reliability

The general decline in trust in institutions is forcing people to seek alternatives. Relying on NFT, it provides a standardized online virtual identity and ownership form for any kind of native digital “things” (such as game assets, digital art or spatial domains).

5. Exemplary role of wealth effect

Early breakthrough success will spread people’s FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) mentality, and there will be a large number of onlookers scrambling to learn about this new tool. This network effect will be unstoppable. Their openness will exponentially accelerate the speed of independent innovation, because every new creation is built on the basis of predecessors. These core elements of the new world provide substantial financial returns for those who believe. Many of them came from new markets, and they quickly seized the opportunity. In addition to wealth, early participants have additional advantages. The group of people who adopt various new business models and new technologies, their accumulated IP and patented technologies play a huge role.

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DGG(DAO Gamer)is a play-to-earn gaming guild, bring players together to earn via Blockchain-based economies.